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Arkad Associates, with Antonio Little-El, as an Independent LegalShield Associate, offers affordable, effective and efficient legal services to small businesses and families. We offer services and solutions that works.
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Our firm has a reputation for being highly personable, reliable and responsive. We work to provide the best service with the highest level of professionalism.
Let Arkad Associates deliver proven solutions to your legal issues. As our client, you will receive highly personalized and prompt services.

How we can Help You

We Help Business Owners and Families Safeguard Their Legal Rights. Here are the various services we provides:
Family Legal Plans


Get access to professional consultation, letters and phone calls, contract and document review, 24/7 emergency access, trial defense services, court representation, and other benefits. Have your law firm on speed dial for you and your family for less $1 a day.  You can also get our Will Package that includes a Living Will, Power of Attorney, & Advance Medical Directive for approx. $300.
Small Business Legal Plans

Small Business

Your Small Business Legal Plan can help with any business legal matter and provides access to legal consultation, document and contract review, debt collection letters, legal forms, and other features.  As a business owner, you can either pay $300+ per hr for an attorney or as little as $49 per month.

ID Theft Protection

Rather than leaving security up to chance, you can proactively arm yourself against cybercrimes and reputation hijacking with a $1 Million Protection Policy & trained investigators. With our ID Theft’s impressive online privacy and reputation management services to help ensure that your private information remains private. our services are comprehensive and will cover matters such as your Social Security information, DMV Records, Financial Records, Tax Records, & more, covering your entire family for less than $1.50 a day.
ID Theft Protection
Business Opportunity

Want To Become A Business Partner? [Business Builder]

Join the “work from anywhere” revolution Get more income, more time, more flexibility independence.  Get paid daily. Get paid based on your production. Build a team.  Get paid residually.

Group Employee Benefits

HR Benefits information

Today, your employees are dealing with issues that you are unaware of that negatively effects your bottom line. Are you helping to protect your employees from the financial stress of unexpected legal, identity theft? This can help your business retain and recruit employees with a benefit that they can actually use today and not cost you any direct cost.
CDL Benefits

CDL Benefits Information

A clean driving record is critical to your ability to earn a living. If you are an employee of a trucking company, your employer’s insurance coverage is focused mostly on protecting their business, not you as an individual or family. Whether you work for a trucking company or you are an independent contractor with your own rig, your driving record is your responsibility. We can help keep your record clean & you on the road for as little as $32.95 per month.

Success Stories

Don't Fight The IRS Alone!

Client needed assistance after receiving notice of an extremely large tax bill which also required a response by a date certain that had long since passed.  Member had previously sold her condo in 2018 and moved.  The letter was forwarded to member, but the deadline to respond had passed.  The attorney consulted with member and advised that she may still be able to dispute the debt based on her receiving less than $250k in proceeds from the sale of her condo after paying off the mortgage.  With the attorney’s advice and guidance, member contacted the IRS.  Thereafter, the member followed up to let our attorney know she received a response from the IRS informing her that the tax bill had been cancelled and she owed nothing. saving her $137,682.00.

Just Can't Find Good Help When You Need It!

Client needed assistance after her claim for damages was denied.  She contracted with a builder to create a 20 x 20 concrete slab with a runoff for a basketball hoop.  She wanted to add a fence and was told that the concrete slab had too much of a slope in it for a fence and was told that the contractor poured a slope instead of a runoff.  She was unsuccessful in her attempt to resolve the matter on her own. Our attorney wrote a letter to the company advising them of the Georgia Right to Repair Act under O.C.G.A. §8-2-35 et seq., and provided them with a copy of the estimate to repair the damage.  In response to our letter, she received a refund of the amount demanded.  Recovered $5,825.00.

I Need To Get My Money!

Business Client needed to collect a debt for services rendered.  Their business provides diversified support services for management of  Federal and State Government contracts.  They provided services to a Medicare and Medicaid certified nursing home that failed to pay.  They were unsuccessful in  multiple attempts to resolve on his own.  Our attorney wrote a demand letter for immediate payment of the outstanding invoices.  In response to our letter, the opposing party paid the amount demanded.  Recovered, $104,000.00.

What Else Do You Get?

  • Unlimited Legal Consultation
  • ​Calls & Letters on Your Behalf
  • ​Contracts & Documents Review
  • ​Debt Collection Letters
  • ​$100K Cyber-Protection Plan
  • Trial Defense Supplement
  • Gun Owner Supplement
  • Home Business Supplement
  • ​Ride Share Delivery Supplement
  • ​Exclusive Savings On Merchant Products & Services
Full range of legal services for your business and family
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